4 reasons building a shed will improve the value of your property

Want to increase the dollar value of your property?

Whether you’re looking to sell or just want to get more out of your land, a garage could be the perfect solution. Garages are versatile in more ways than one – for example, you’ll have extra storage space for gardening equipment, bikes, sports gear, tools, machinery and more.

No matter your needs, a garage can provide extra storage and let’s face it – there’s never quite enough room for everything.

Not sold on the value of building a garage? Read on. In this blog, we’ve highlighted the top four reasons you should build a garage on your property, and why a steel building could increase the value of your home.

#1. A garage could be seen as an additional living space

Sheds are unique buildings. These steel structures are 100% multifunctional and for potential homeowners, a shed could be seen as a storage unit, garage, or even an additional living space.

Think granny flats, man caves, she sheds, or even a small apartment for a teenager to live in.

If the garage has been well-maintained and looked after, plus has a decent size with potential for lighting and running water, a shed could be converted into a living space.

This additional building is bound to bump up the value of your property – it’s essentially a two-for-one home investment!

#2. A garage could provide extra storage for future tenants or owners

Anyone who has ever lived in a house without a shed or garage is going to know the struggle of inadequate storage.

Without a designated space for storage, household objects, disused furniture, clothing, toys, and more build up around the house, making the place look disorganised.

After a while, cramming everything into a couple of cupboards just doesn’t work.

Having a garage is a major advantage for homeowners and renters alike. A garage is the perfect place to store furniture and items that people aren’t ready to donate or dispose of yet, plus it’s also great for storing cardboard boxes from previous moves.

#3. A garage is perfect for protecting cars and other vehicles from sun damage

The garage is a car’s natural habitat. After taking your wheels out for a spin, the safest place to keep them is in a garage.

There are a number of reasons for this. For example, garages are essential for keeping vehicles in top shape – whether it’s a car or a motorbike, when a vehicle is kept out on the curb for extended periods of time, the paint tends to bubble, peel and sometimes even crack from being exposed to harsh sunlight.

The interior finish will also thank you. In the middle of a hot Aussie summer, the interior air temperature is 20 to 30 degrees warmer than outdoors, and surfaces within the car can reach up to 90 degrees. It’s a wonder the car doesn’t just burst into flames!

The sun can damage interior surfaces like the dashboard, the steering wheel, gear shift and more. Storing a car inside a garage is essential for keeping cars and motorbikes in shape. Whether you’re looking to sell or just want to increase your property’s livability, building a garage will be a major bonus.

#4. Building a garage will also help to prevent theft

Did you know that a car is stolen every ten minutes in Australia?

In 2017, there were 52,858 cars stolen in Australia, with 63% of cars being stolen from the owner’s home. When a car is left out on the curb, the risk of theft is even higher – indicating a serious need for a secure, lockable garage.

A garage is essential for keeping vehicles safe. As well as protecting motorbikes and cars from damaging sunlight, a garage decreases the likelihood of theft overnight, providing homeowners and renters alike with a safe place to lock-up their valuable vehicles.

Since Australia is one of the worst countries in the world for car theft, a garage is one of the most valuable assets your property can have.

Improve the value of your property with a strong steel building

Building a garage increases the value of your property in more ways than one. Potential homeowners and renters might see an additional living space, a venue for small get togethers, extra storage space, or even a safe place to keep their cars, motorbikes, boats and more.

Alternatively, building a garage could improve how you value your own home. You can declutter the house with extra storage or turn it into a man shed – whatever your heart desires.

Ready to build a brand new garage?

Get in touch with your local Ahrens Sheds dealer about building a garage on your property.

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