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Proudly BlueScope Steel

Australia has a solid reputation for our part in the steel industry, and BlueScope Steel has certainly made their mark in the world arena for their durable and robust steel products.

In fact, BlueScope Steel has been Australia’s favourite choice for over 50-years, and their steel products continue to overshadow any other contenders. That’s why Ahrens Steel Buildings proudly stick to sourcing our products from the BIG Australian, BlueScope Steel team.


All of our covers, garages and sheds are made with BlueScope COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® products.

COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® are made for Australian conditions, with decades of testing. Nothing will look better year in, year out.

Additionally, COLORBOND® come with a choice of 22 colours, giving you the option to select a colour scheme that complements other structures on your property (click here to view COLORBOND® colours)

Materials and Components

As for the internal framing, Ahrens Steel Buildings use Galvanised Cee-Sections for the portal frame, and either a ZINCALUME® tophat section or Galvanised Zed or Cee-Sections for the purlins and girts. All of which come with a warranty from BlueScope Steel.

Ahrens Steel Buildings use the all Australian made BlueScope Steel to produce our Galvanised connection brackets, all of which have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they all exceed the Australian Building Code, ensuring they are safe to use in any area of Australia.

BlueScope Steel is one of the most trusted names in the shed industry, and Ahrens Steel Buildings are proud to designing sheds made using their robust materials and components.

BlueScope Steel Warranties

Experienced Brand

BlueScope Steel has been around for over 50-years, and their products have been tested meticulously for decades and offers durable and robust steel products.

Structural Warranties

BlueScope Steel minimise the risk of buying a shed and proudly back their products with structural warranties. Essentially adding a protective layer giving you peace of mind that your investment is further safeguarded.

If you are eligible for a warranty, the period will depend on the product you purchase and if you are buying a turnkey product or planning an owner builder project.

Register for a Warranty

For more information about their warranties and to register, please visit BlueScope Warranties.

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