Clearance for Roller Doors

Insufficient Roller Door Clearance

The number one complaint we hear in our industry is that customers are unhappy they don’t have enough clearance to ‘fit’ their big toys in.

How does this happen we hear you ask? Simple really, and it is quite common. You see customers tend to come fully equipped with the desired length, height and span of their shed or garage, but just automatically assume that the roller doors will offer enough clearance to fit whatever they need to get inside the shed.

Measure Big Items that need to be Stored in your Shed

It is imperative (so very important – please let us stress this) that you measure all the large machinery and equipment you want to keep inside your new steel building and give these measurements to your Ahrens Steel Building representative.

Many Standard Roller Doors won’t fit Large Vehicles or Boats

The simple fact is, standard roller doors more often than not will not fit many boats, trailers or larger vehicles.

The clearance of roller doors can vary considerably, up to half a metre, and can depend on variable factors such as the actual size of the roller door, how many rollers and where it is actually positioned.

We’ve heard so many stories about upset customers who neglected to consider the roller door heights and what needs to actually fit through them.

To ensure you have the best customer experience with us, and to ensure you are happy with your shed once it has been built, please speak to your local Ahrens representative to discuss the desired clearance for your shed or garage.

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