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Commerical Sheds & Garages is your Ahrens Sheds distributor in Hackham

Contact Details
Commerical Sheds & Garages
Prue Wheeler
Telephone:08 8186 2457
Address: 20-22 Cottage Ln, Hackham SA 5163

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

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Commerical Sheds & Garages is your Ahrens Sheds distributor in Hackham
Commercial Sheds & Garages has been around since 2010. Over the years, Commercial Sheds has built a strong relationship with the local community, building a solid reputation based on quality and trustworthiness.

Ahrens Hackham specialises in steel buildings and superstructures, offering help with projects from start to finish. Commercial Sheds & Garages provide a high standard of customer service and are famous for their quality steel products. Their streamlined fabrication process ensures fast production times, meaning this business delivers on time every time to the highest standards.

Ahrens Hackham use state of the art shed tech to pre-build your shed project
Ahrens Sheds distributors have access to our fabulous range of sheds and state of the art design software. Commercial Sheds & Garages can pre-design and pre-build your rural shed, residential garage, or industrial steel building digitally, then help organise your project from start to finish.

All Ahrens Sheds are engineered in accordance with the Building Code of Australia, plus is ShedSafe Accredited, meaning our steel structures are safe for use.

For sheds that are built tough and weatherproof, contact Ahrens Hackham/Commercial Sheds & Garages today on 08 8186 2457, or email us at craig@cswgroup.com.au. We’d be happy to help organise your project!

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