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What sets us apart from the rest

Ahrens Steel Buildings is a whole lot more than just sheds. Yes, we offer a great product, designed and engineered for Australian properties, but what we believe sets us apart from our competitors, is our people and our systems. Ahrens is proud of our down-to-earth approach; we work with our customers and our local communities to provide both a product and service that is second to none.

Our People

We have a nationwide dealer network set up, so our customers can contact a local business to discuss their steel building needs.

These guys are the face of our brand, and we have a stringent recruitment process to ensure our team is made up shed and construction professionals who carry the same values and vision as Ahrens.

Shed Design Software

Additionally, we endeavour to stay at the forefront of our industry by continuously upgrading and fine-tuning our systems and in-house capabilities. As a result, we have one of the most advanced shed design software that allows our dealers to design steel structures that meet the needs of our clients.

Committed to Safety

Ahrens is 100% committed to the safety and welfare of all stakeholders, be they staff, suppliers and / or customers. We have invested many resources into training and supporting our people and establishing the very best systems and procedures. Ahrens proudly cultivates safe working behaviours by providing ongoing training and awareness seminars. Additionally, we take every measure to ensure our buildings are designed to the very latest standards as set out by the Building Code of Australia.

Use BlueScope Steel

We will not compromise on the quality of our steel buildings, that is why we use BlueScope Steel exclusively. This iconic Australian brand has been producing Australian steel for over 50-years and is famous the world over.

ShedSafe Accredited

Ahrens Steel Buildings is proud to say that our steel buildings are ShedSafe Accredited. This means they have been assessed by Australia’s industry body for steel buildings, and have passed with flying colours. Click here for more information about ShedSafe.

A Long and Successful History

The Ahrens brand was first established in 1906, by Wilhelm Ahrens and has since remained in the Ahrens family. The business has seen phenomenal growth during the last century and in the last decade alone has grown to become a national full-service construction, engineering and mining services company. Operating across various sectors, the business now has offices in many major states and rural areas and has the capacity to take on projects of all sizes.

Market Leader

Furthermore, Ahrens has been strategically managed and has sustained a steady growth over the last century, regardless of the ups and downs in the Australian economy. In fact, our many sound business decisions and acquisitions has helped us secure our future and positioned us as a market leader.

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