Site Specific Designs Explained

Site Specific Designs

A steel building is a pretty big deal! That’s why we put so much effort into designing each shed specifically for the site it is intended to be built upon. In order for us to do so, we need to ascertain a few things about your shed project, such as what the building will be used for (building class) and wind speed.

Our engineers will gather the information you provide us with, and conduct further investigations to distinguish:

Wind Region:

This will depend on the location for your shed. Applying the right wind speed region will ensure your new shed or garage can withstand the weather conditions.

Importance Levels:

This is determined by how you plan to use your shed and the possible level of consequence / impact that building could have. The higher the level, the greater the potential consequence.

Topography Factor:

Where the shed is place: on top of a hill, half way down a slop or flat at sea level.

Shielding Factor:

What permanent structures will be around the steel building and how much will they shield your new shed?

Terrain Category:

The environment surrounding the proposed site of the shed.

Wind Speed:

By assessing all the above factors our engineers, at Ahrens Steel Buildings will supply your wind speed in metres per second and provide all relevant information on your quote.

If you are happy to proceed with the purchase of your Ahrens Steel Building, then we will ensure you get a shed that is designed specifically for your proposed location.

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