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Determining Factors for your Site Specific Designs

What we need to assess?

In order for us to design a shed to the correct standards for the location it is to be built, we need to assess a number of factors, including your site’s wind region, terrain, topography, shielding factors, importance levels and building classification.

During the quotation stage, it is also recommended that you get advice on council requirements and conditions. You can discuss this information with your local Ahrens Steel Building Dealer.

Once we have all the information, our dealers pass it on to our engineers who will the do all the calculations to determine the precise wind speed for your location, and then they will design your shed in accordance to the Building Codes.

Exact Location of your Steel Building

It is important that you provide us with the exact location for your steel building. The reasoning behind this is that we need to assess factors such as terrain and shielding factors. These can differ greatly depending on whether or not your shed is to be built at the top or bottom of a hill, or if there are other structures that shield the building. The exact location can have a great impact on the finished design of your shed, so please ensure you give us the correct details.

Ahrens Steel Buildings takes this process very seriously, as we want to ensure you are getting the safest and strongest building for your site. Should you have any further questions about our site specific designs, then please contact your local dealer on 1800 272 272.

Importance of Site Specific Designs

What are Site Specific Designs?

Site-specific designs cover both the physical context and metaphysical context. Getting these right will ensure you get a shed that is strong enough for the environment it is built in, the terrain it’s on and also within the guidelines of the local governments and community requirements.

The Physical

The location and environment of your shed’s intended site can dramatically impact the design of your shed, garage or cover. So too can the materials used, planning framework and the building codes for your region. When Ahren Steel Buildings design our sheds, we must take all of this information into account before putting your shed into manufacture.

The Metaphysical

Basically refers to your desired design, building use and local covernance.

Ahrens Steel Buildings need to assess these factors and determine what the appropriate wind region and site conditions are.

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