Site Specific Steel Garages

Site Specific Steel Garages

When looking at purchasing a new steel garage for your home, make sure you purchase from a shed supplier who designs each shed specific to the sheds intended location. Ahrens proudly designs each and everyone of our steel buildings site specifically, which means you can be rest assured that your new steel garage has been designed to withstand the environment will be in.

When we talk about site-specific designs, our engineers have to assess the proposed location of your garage and who it may be affected by wind and other obstructing structures. Our engineers will assess:

  • Topography Factor
  • Shielding Factor
  • Terrain
  • Importance Levels

In a nutshell, our engineers are looking at where your shed is located: is it at the top or bottom of a hill; will it be shielded by other structures, what the steel garage will be used for and the possible threat to human life, and how the wind in that region will be affected by these factors. Once they have their answers, they will then ensure the right design is in place to best safeguard your new garage.

Before signing a deal with any shed company, it is imperative that you understand the kind of design you are getting. Large structures such as these can be quite costly, and at worst, be fatal. Safeguard your investment and those around you, and ensure you are buying a quality steel garage that is designed specifically for your property.

Ahrens Steel Buildings can proudly say that we offer site-specific designs and our sheds are designed to the very latest standards as set out by the Building Codes of Australia. Call us today.

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