The Difference between a Lean-to and a Garaport

When it comes to customising garages and sheds we’ve mastered the art of designing our steel buildings to maximise space! As such, we can design our garages with either a lean-to or a carport (garaport).

So what’s the difference between the two?

Garage with Lean-To

Lean-tos are generally at the side of your steel garage, with the rafters leaning on the sidewall of your shed. Essentially it is an appendix to the main building, which is added for additional shelter for use as a covered carport at the side, or even a covered outdoor recreational area or workshop.

Garages with Lean-to

Garage with Garaport

A garaport is simply a carport attached to our garages or sheds. This simple design is super effective at creating additional space and is an inexpensive way to add supplementary covered storage, workshop or parking space.

Garages with garaports

Ahrens Capabilities
The benefit of an Ahrens Sheds is that we can design our sheds to suit your needs! We can add either a lean-to or a garaport or both to your shed design. We can also add these additional spaces to your shed or garages after you’ve built your steel building.

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